Razor Blade Dance Floor Podcast: Episode 008

Razor Blade Dance Floor Podcast: Episode 8

Originally published: January 14, 2007


Artist Song Album
Nine Inch Nails Happiness In Slavery Broken
Static-X Bled For Days Wisconsin Death Trip
N17 Control Trust No One
Fear Factory Scapegoat (Pigfuck Mix) Fear Is The Mindkiller
Sybreed Bioactive Slave Design
Testify Dumb Mmmyaoooo
Hanzel und Gretyl SS Deathstar Supergalactik Uber Alles
Sielwolf Beweglich Anamalisch Metastasen
Front Line Assembly Victim of a Criminal Millenium
Die Krupps Isolation Odyssey of the Mind
Shotgun Messiah Come Down Violent New Breed
Skold Chaos Skold
Megaherz Got Sein ’04 5

Razor Blade Dance Floor Podcast: Episode 171

Firing off yet another episode of this crazy Internet-only radio show. I have to admit, I really feel like I am getting back in the saddle quite nicely, and I’m having a ton of fun in the process.

All I can say is, my life is full of twists and unexpected turns, so you better enjoy these shows while they last. They could come to a grinding halt at any given moment.

Here is the set list for this episode:

  • Alchemy “Not Participating” [My Happy Place] (2016)
  • Johnny Deathshadow “Kill the Lights” [Bleed with Me] (2016)
  • Eternal Halloween “Eternal Halloween” [Eternal Halloween] (2016)
  • Killer Klowns “Down In The Park” [Klowns Will Eat Me] (2016)
  • Numa Echos “Insanity” [Shady World] (2016)
  • Sybernetyks “Downstream” [Dream Machine] (2016)
  • The Silverblack “Chimera” [The Silverblack] (2016)
  • Nanochrist “Hallowed Be” [Freedom Through Extinction] (2016)
  • Army of the Universe “The Aftershow” [1999 & The Aftershow] (2016)
  • Gabriel and the Apocalypse “Beauty Under Glass” [The Ghost Parade] (2016)
  • Lennon Midnight “Unholy” [Fallacies & Other Disappointments] (2016)
  • Rave the Reqviem “Synchronized Stigma” [The Gospel of Nil] (2016)
  • Seek Irony “Skin 2 Skin” [Tech N’ Roll] (2016)
  • Cancerface “Disease” [Electronic Saviors IV: Retaliation (Disc 3)] (2016)
  • Panic Lift “Of Shadows and Trees” [Skeleton Key] (2016)
  • Pain “Call Me” [Coming Home] (2016)