Razor Blade Dance Floor Podcast: Episode 172

I’m just absolutely pounding these episodes out now, with a renewed sense of vigor and enthusiasm for music promotion. This has everything to do with the endless assault of artists churning out interesting variants of industrial rock and metal.

It also has everything to do with YOU, the listener that craves this form of music and everything that goes in to making this one of the best forms of music ever created

The production of future episodes is going to slow down after this one. I am just trying to take advantage of the free time that I have been afforded. Have no fear: the show will continue to thrive for the foreseeable future.

Playlist for Razor Blade Dance Floor episode 172:

  • Generation Empty “God Ticket” [The Art Of Dehumanization] (2016)
  • Nightmare Noise Machine “Cold Blooded Bitch” [Programmed to Destroy] (2016)
  • Ten-4 “Defining Moments” [A Me(N)Tal Note] (2016)
  • Khost & Godflesh “Inversion” [Needles Into The Ground] (2016)
  • Julien-K “Framework” [California Noir, Chapter Two: Nightlife In Neon] (2016)
  • September Mourning “Heart Can Hold” [Volume II] (2016)
  • Cane Hill “Cream Pie” [Smile] (2016)
  • Mr. Morgue “Gremlins [Necromutilomaniac] (2016)
  • Skumlove “Disease” [Sinister Minister] (2016)
  • Onslaught Six “Down In Flames” [Down In Flames] (2016)
  • Combichrist “Pay to Play” [This Is Where Death Begins] (2016)
  • Neurotech “Divided Bliss” [In Remission] (2016)
  • UnRaveling “Fading Like Everyone” [Fading Like Everyone] (2016)
  • Machines of Living Death “Chromosexuality” [The DOS of War] (2016)
  • Victor Love “Irrationality” [Technomancy] (2016)
  • Skold “Chasing Demons” [The Undoing] (2016)
  • Nailbomb “Blind and Lost” [Point Blank] (1994)

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