Razor Blade Dance Floor Podcast: Episode 020

Archive release of episode 20 of Razor Blade Dance Floor.

Originally published on April 29, 2007

Set list for this episode:

David Bowie Hearts Filthy Lesson Outside
B.O.S.C.H. God Welt Am Draht
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult High Class Taboo The Filthiest Show In Town
Hazmat Song For Insects (Cicada Night Fever-Part 1 Mix by Porcupine Defense) 4-Point Remixes
The Clay People Swerve Waking The Dead
White Zombie Thunder Kiss ’65 (Swinging Lovers Mix) Nightcrawlers: The KMFDM Remixes
We Got This Far Like Dying Blunt Force Volume
Noiselab Plasticine (Poptastic Version) {Web Digital Download}
Andrako Destruction Engine Destruction Engine
Front Line Assembly Domination (Unleashed Mix by Rhys Fulber) Fallout
Kill Your Deity Sanctuary Dollhead Massacre
Compact Deity The Desolation Modern Noise
Betty X Shoot ‘Em Up Memoirs of a Pain Junkie
Reinfect Force Fed UnsIGNED

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