Razor Blade Dance Floor Podcast: Episode 076

Archive release of episode 76 of Razor Blade Dance Floor.

Originally published on November 30, 2008

Original show notes from this episode:

“Tying Up Loose Ends”

This episode is featuring even more music that was released this year (well, except for 1 track…).  In my endless quest to bring you samples from all of the albums that were released this year, I spin 12 tracks from 2008 releases, priming you for your inevitable vote for best release of 2008.

Set list for this episode:

  • Collide – “Chaotic” [Two Headed Monster]
  • Chiasm – “Reform” [Reform]
  • Mallory Switch ” No Evil” [Mallory Switch EP]
  • Daniel Lenz – “Check It Out” [Stuck in A Dream]
  • Celldweller – “Solaris” [Soundtrack For The Voices In My Head, Vol. 1]
  • Die Warzau – “Insect” [Vinyl 88]
  • Heavy-Current – “Rat Race (Wake Up Edit)” [Rat Race EP]
  • Herrschaft – “I Am The One” [Tesla]
  • Avi Ghosh – “Don’t Count On Me Anymore” [Severing The Tie]
  • Ministry – “Cuz UR Next” [The Wicked Soundtrack By Al Jourgensen]
  • Revolting Cocks – “HookerBot 3000” [The Wicked Soundtrack By Al Jourgensen]
  • N.U.T.E. – “Into U (Transgender Mix)” [Number 8 Wired]
  • Acumen Nation – “Youthinasia” [Cracknation: Artifacts II – 1989-1994]

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