Razor Blade Dance Floor Podcast: Episode 152

Archive release of episode 152 of Razor Blade Dance Floor.

Originally published on December 7, 2011

Original show notes from this episode:

New episode of RBDF for you all to swallow. Lots of new music on this show as well. Here is what you can hear:

  • Left Spine Down – Hit and Run [Caution] (2011)
  • Atari Teenage Riot – Black Flags [Is This Hyperreal?] (2011)
  • Aimonia – Pixels [Pulling The Trigger] (2010)
  • am.psych – Disease [Stiff Valentine Remix Featuring Deathproof] (2011)
  • Nonsons – Normal [Zvezda Version 2.0] (2011)
  • Korn – Narcissistic Cannibal (Featuring Skrillex and Kill The Noise) [The Path of Totality] (2011)
  • Rabbit Junk – What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You A Killer [Glitch Mode Summer Singles] (2011)
  • Pendulum – The Vulture [Immersion] (2010)
  • Fractured – Save Me [Beneath The Ashes] (2011)
  • Dimented Dimensions – Religious Disgrace [Demo] (2011)
  • Commissioner – Click Click Flash (Big Chocolate Remix) [What Is?] (2011)
  • Whore – Dirt Nap [Whore] (2011)
  • Cryomancer – Behind The Lie [MicroEvolution] (2010)
  • Deligma – Goodbye [Forever Faded] (2011)
  • Crash-Scan – Burnout [Catalyst] (2009)
  • Head-Less – Punish Your Head (Raul Parra 1st Mix) [Face The Beat-Volume 1] (2011)
  • Gary Numan – Big Noise Rising [Dead Son Rising] (2011)

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Razor Blade Dance Floor Podcast: Episode 132

Archive release of episode 132 of Razor Blade Dance Floor.

Originally published on April 1, 2010

Original show notes from this episode:

Yes. It is true. Chrome Skin Jesus is not available for yet another episode (does he even do this show anymore…?).

Instead, this week, you get another return visit from our friends in the ex-Yugoslavian region and the great Dark Scene, oNe and PlutoniumProduct.  They throw some classic and rarely heard tracks together for your listening pleasure, and tell some great stories as filtered through a few dozen bottles of beer.

So join the party and listen to the fun that these two have in contributing to this weeks show, episode #666…er…#132.

Here is what you can find on this hilarious show:

oNe & PlutoniumProduct presents:

  • 01. Killing Joke – This Tribal Antidote (Hosannas from the Basements of Hell, 2006)
  • 02. Atari Teenage Riot – Speed (Burn Berlin Burn , 1997)
  • 03. Clawfinger – Die High (Use Your Brain, 1995)
  • 04. Emigrate – Wake Up (Emigrate, 2007)
  • 05. Lard – Pineapple Face (The Last Temptation Of Reid, 1990)
  • 06. Head of David – Dog Day Sunrise (Dustbowl, 1988)
  • 07. Muckrackers – !Aktion! ( [UCKANGE_4], 2008)
  • 08. Deaf Clowns Kabaret – N4asty Nasty Child (demo, 2009)
  • 09. Borghesia – Scum (20th Century Selected Works, 2009)
  • 10. Eisenvater – Mutter (Eisenvater, 1992)
  • 11. Bile – Head (Suckpump, 1994)
  • 12. Overdose – Sold Me (demo, 1992)
  • 13. Youth A.D. – God TV (Industrial Glue Electronics V.A, 2009)
  • 14. P.M.S. – Without You (demo, 1992)
  • 15. Big Black – Rema Rema (Sound Of Impact, 1986)








Razor Blade Dance Floor Podcast: Episode 129

Archive release of episode 129 of Razor Blade Dance Floor.

Originally published on March 14, 2010

Original show notes from this episode:

Not a whole lot of new stuff to dive in to, but certainly enough recently released and classic tracks to warrant notice. Also, nothing astonishing to reveal in my voiceprints, so this is one of those episodes that just exists solely for the music. There was an interview scheduled for this week, but it got squashed by the label, so it had to get postponed until a later date. No big deal. I have been dealing with bands and labels for over 20 years now, so I know the drill.

Here is what can be heard on this weeks episode:

  • Deadcell – The New Plague [Black Rooster] (2009)
  • HarshRealm – Misery Loves Company [She/Underwater] (2007)
  • Pedigree – Skeletal [Skeletal] (2009)
  • Drev – Model [Failure] (2009)
  • Genitorturers – Confessions of a Blackheart [Blackheart Revolution] (2009)
  • Bound In Oblivion – New Life [The Opposite of Myself] (2009)
  • Ironhand – Autassassinophiliac [Thorns: The Postmortumn] (2009)
  • Seventh Image – City of Light [Burnt Into The Retina] (2009)
  • Raggedy Angry – Make Me Feel [Pestilence] (2009)
  • F.E.V.E.R. – Questions and Answers [Resurrection] (2009)
  • Vigilante – Prison Break [Life Is A Battlefield] (2009)
  • Cubanate – Angeldust [Antimatter] (1995)
  • Ink Dot Boy – The Red Symphony [The Red Symphony] (2009)
  • God Is LSD – The Rise and Fall of Bethlehem [Spirit of Suicide] (1992)
  • Atari Teenage Riot – Activate! [Activate! Single] (2010)
  • Aux Raus – Men Without Content [This is How It Works] (2007)






Razor Blade Dance Floor Podcast: Episode 021

Archive release of episode 21 of Razor Blade Dance Floor.

Originally published on May 6, 2007

Set list for this episode:

Artist Song Album
Unit:187 Anger Management (Part 1) Capital Punishment
Hate Dept. Not The One Ditch
Beauty Rewind (Biostratinomy Mix) Automatic Killfest
Hazmat Slow Reveal (Neuroplague Mix) 4 Point Remixes
The Damage Manual Stateless The Damage Manual
Hellbent Blue Monochrome Regurgitator
Obomatic Check The Plan Holy Uncontrollio!
DHI Pain and Courage Bitter Alloys-Pressures Collide
More Machine Than Man God Electrolust
Atari Teenage Riot Start The Riot Burn, Berlin, Burn!
The Shizit Gak Bitch Evil Inside
Ultraviolence Masochist Killing God
Delta 9 Welcome To Hell Disco Inferno
KMFDM Inane Xtort