Razor Blade Dance Floor Podcast: Episode 166

Archive release of episode 166 of Razor Blade Dance Floor.

Originally published on May 18, 2013

Original show notes from this episode:

Any time that I can find a 2 hour window in which I can do this podcast, I’m going to do it. Sadly enough, this has been the first opportunity since mid-March. This show features more of the releases that I collected prior to May 2012, so most of this music is now over a year old. That’s pretty sad on my part, isn’t it?

It isn’t pretty, but it is a show nonetheless.

Take it or leave it.

Here is what you will get to hear on this episode:

  • Celldweller – Blackstar [Wish Upon a Blackstar] (2012)
  • Our Existence is Punishment – The Death Instinct [The Horrid Truth Still untold] (2011)
  • Paul Barker (With Taylor Momsen) – Victory [Fix This!] (2012)
  • DDM – Becoming Perception [Lucidity] (2011)
  • Cryogen Second (With Sarah Chenoweth) – Thirty-Eight [Electronic Saviors 2: Recurrence] (2012)
  • Unit:187 – Rolling Vengeance (Remixed by Ken “Hiwatt” Marshall and Cevin Key) [Transfusion] (2012)
  • Desdemona – In Flames [Endorphins] (2012)
  • P.H.O.B.O.S. – Transonic Mahasamadhi [Atonal Hypermnesia] (2012)
  • Shellshock – Crisis [Born From Decline] (2012)
  • The Rabid Whole – Future [Refuge] (2012)
  • Hannibal – Somebody Wake Me [Cyberia] (2012)
  • Oomph! – Such Mich Find Mich [Des Wahnsinns Fete Beute] (2012)
  • Tyrant of Death – Transmogrification [Re Connect] (2012)
  • JK Felsh – Earthmover [Posthuman] (2012)
  • Killing Joke – Rapture [MMXII] (2012)
  • Marilyn Manson – Overneath the Path of Misery [Born Villain] (2012)

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Razor Blade Dance Floor Podcast: Episode 099

Archive release of episode 99 of Razor Blade Dance Floor.

Originally published on June 7, 2009

Original show notes from this episode:

A handful of new tracks and a bunch of older tracks that I dug up get featured on this episode. Not one of my better episodes, but it is what it is. Hopefully after my little vacation, I will be able to get right back on track. Suffer through my voiceprint sections, or just skip ahead to the great music. The choice is yours.

What great music, you ask?

  • November Process – Romad [Newspeak] (2004)
  • Stayte – Coming Apart [13th Planet Records Sampler] (2009)
  • Shellshock – Kev (The Bombs of Enduring Freedom Mix) [Dimensions of Design] (2009)
  • FMTA – Mistakes [In the End, You Don’t Exist] (2006)
  • Limbogott – Haus Der Luge [Spit or Swallow] (2009)
  • Pigface – Mercenary (SSL Beijing Mix) [6] (2009)
  • Blue Stahli – Scrape [Scrape Single] (2008)
  • Stormdrain – Slicer [The Immovable Objections] (2005)
  • Front Line Assembly – Modus Operandi [Hardwired] (1995)
  • History of Guns – Empty Eyes [Acedia] (2008)
  • My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult – Death Threat [Death Threat] (2009)
  • Panic DHH – Reach [Panic Drives Human Herds] (2004)
  • Kill Your Deity – Deconstruct [The Art of Pain] (2008)
  • Xe-None – Moscow Never Sleeps [Dance Inferno Ressurection] (2009)
  • Mob Research – Tribe (Blueblood Warpaint Remix by Sindaddy) [Holy City Zoo] (2009)
  • Angelspit – Jugular (Baal Remix) [Black Kingdom Red Kingdom] (2009)
  • http://www.myspace.com/chromeskinjesus




Razor Blade Dance Floor Podcast: Episode 046

Archive release of episode 46 of Razor Blade Dance Floor.

Originally published on February 10, 2008

Set list for this episode:

Schock Gottmensch Nachtschwärmer-Die Klassiker 2 (Compilation)
Die Krupps To The Hilt Too Much History
Hanzel und Gretyl Loud und Proud 2012: Zwanzig Zwölf
L’Ame Immortelle Reborn Namenlos
Bound In Oblivion In Der Maschine The Way Back Down
Havok Unit Kill All Nations Synaethesia: The Requiem Reveries
Shellshock Red Mist Laws of Rebellion
Bog Morok System May Fail Syn.Thesis
Alec Empire On Fire The Golden Foretaste of Heaven
Pitchshifter Eight Days PSI
Prodigy Fuel My Fire Fat of the Land
Victory Pill Worst Case Scenario Victory Pill
Pantera Walk (Cervical Dub Extended Mix) Walk (Single)

Razor Blade Dance Floor Podcast: Episode 034

Archive release of episode 34 of Razor Blade Dance Floor.

Originally published on October 28, 2007

Set list for this episode:

Artist Song Album
Sister Machine Gun Nothing The Torture Technique
Nine Inch Nails Heresy (Version) Further Down The Spiral
Shellshock In For The Kill Laws of Rebellion
Die Krupps The Dawning of the Doom Too Much History
Mindless Faith Bound Medication For The Misinformed
Rabbit Junk The Big Push ReFrame
Zeromancer I’m Yours To Lose Sinners International
Bog-Morok Cybergod Syn.Thesis
Puscifer The Undertaker V Is For Vagina
Fear Factory Transgression Transgression
dreDDup Never Tell Future Porn Machine
Idiot Stare Blunt Force Trauma Songs From The Hydrogen Bar: A Tribute To Chemlab
Emigrate My World Emigrate