Razor Blade Dance Floor Podcast: Episode 169

New year. New podcast. Same complex challenges. No promises of new episodes. Just a no frills, no fluff recap of some of my favorite releases from 2016.


  • Dead Animal Assembly Plant “God Complex” [Old Fashioned Hellfire] (2016)
  • Deconbrio “The Secret” [Hail To The Liar’s Throne] (2016)
  • UCNX “Servant (The Teeth of Angels)” [Servant (EP)] (2016)
  • 16volt “The Ever Immortal Nurse” [The Negative Space] (2016)
  • Prong “No Absolute” [X-No Absolute] (2016)
  • Pig “Viva Evil” [The Gospel] (2016)
  • Out Out “By Wick or Wing” [Swan/Dive?] (2016)
  • Marc Heal “Monoxide” [The Hum] (2016)
  • Kidneythieves “Fist Up” [The Mend] (2016)
  • K.P. Riot Brigade “Diseased” [K.P. Riot Brigade] (2016)
  • KMFDM “A Drug Against War” [Rocks: Milestones Reloaded] (2016)
  • The Derision Cult “Fear the Jonses” [Fear the Jonses] (2016)
  • Filter “Nothing In My Hands” [Crazy Eyes] (2016)
  • Vampyre Anvil “Stupid Is As Stupid Is” [Tetsuo] (2016)
  • Acidrodent “Bled Dry” [Born of Rats (EP)] (2016)
  • Circle of Dust “Contagion” [Machines of Our Disgrace] (2016)
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