Razor Blade Dance Floor Podcast: Episode 170

Digging back through the releases that came out during calendar year 2016, Razor Blade Dance Floor brings you 16 more artists that you should hear right now.

Yet another no frills, information driven episode to help you expand your music collection and create awareness of this wonderful music form that we all love so much.

Take a moment to explore the music presented within this episode, and then go out and support the artist through whatever means that you have at your disposal.

Set list for this episode:

  • K-X-P “To Believe” [III, Part 2] (2016)
  • Psycholies “Electricity” [Inner Labyrinth] (2016)
  • La Magra “Riding Corpses” [Fairytales from the Graves] (2016)
  • Puscifer “Galileo (Lead into Gold Mix)” [Money Shot You’re Re-Load] (2016)
  • Lecks Inc. “Don’t Call Me Babydoll” [A.I.D.S. (All Infamous Daddy Secrets)] (2016)
  • Stuka 696 “We Will Fuck You Up” [Disorder] (2016) Ash Aria “Emanate” [_ash Aria_] (2016)
  • Revillusion “New Extinction (Featuring Christopher Hall)” [New Extinction] (2016)
  • Invocation Array “Nigredo” [Onyx Philomela] (2016)
  • Sidilarsen “Dancefloor Bastvrds” [Dancefloor Bastvrds] (2016)
  • Charcoalcity “You Can’t Take My Soul” [Greyscale] (2016)
  • Darkc3ll “Stitch Your Heart” [Haunted Reality] (2016)
  • Death Valley High “Ick Switch” [Cvlt (As Fvk)] (2016)
  • Heldmaschine “Sexschuss” [Himmelskörper] (2016)
  • True Deceiver “Tiny Black Drone (Rockets Aimed True)” [Particles] (2016)
  • Unheilig “Egoist” [Von Mensch zu Mensch] (2016)

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