Razor Blade Dance Floor Podcast: Episode 167

Archive release of episode 167 of Razor Blade Dance Floor.

Originally published on May 19, 2013

Original show notes from this episode:


This episode is hosted by Grand Inquisitor and Mr.Tentacles Guy!

  • 01. Ucnx – Overgrowth [Generation Damaged] (2011)
  • 02. Be My Enemy – Break Your Body [This is the New Wave] (2010)
  • 03. Bile – Remove the Head [Built to Fuck Born to Kill] (2013)
  • 04. Lard – Generation Execute [Pure Chewing Satisfaction] (1997)
  • 05. mindFluxFuneral – Lies [Teatro de Revelacion] (2007)
  • 06. Waste Incorporated – Reason 58 [Waste Incorporated – ep] (2012)
  • 07. Death Rattle – The Dig [HE & I – ep] (2012)
  • 08. Atari Teenage Riot – Rearrange Your Synapses [Is This Hyperreal] (2011)
  • 09. Scum of the Earth – I Am The Monster [Sleaze Freak] (2007)
  • 10. Author & Punisher – Burrow Below [Drone Machines] (2010)
  • 11. Skinny Puppy – ParagUn [Weapon] (2013)






Razor Blade Dance Floor Podcast: Episode 173

Nothing really Earth shattering to say to set this episode up. It’s just another collection of awesome industrial rock and industrial metal music designed to fill your hungry earholes with.

Here is the set list for this episode:

  • Hamora “Book Of Revelation” [Legacy of the Haunted] (2016)
  • Relic “Evoke” [Glitch Mode Recordings Spring 2016 Showcase Sampler] (2016)
  • Malice Machine “Digital Christ” [Digital Scars] (2016)
  • Heretics in the Lab “Forever” [Exit] (2016)
  • Vigilante “Kosmos” Turning Point (2016)
  • Helalyn Flowers “It’s Coming Now” [Sonic Foundation] (2016)
  • Transdusk “Impetus” [Terra Ultra] (2016)
  • Vampires Everywhere “Truth In You” [Ritual] (2016)
  • Man Machine Industry “Let It Burn” [Box of Horrors] (2016)
  • Hex “Soulless” [Hex] (2016)
  • Circle of Dust “Nothing Sacred (Blue Stahli Remix)” [Circle of Dust (2016 Remaster)] (2016)
  • Maschinist “Rös’chen” [Willkommen] (2016)
  • Raubtier “Levande Dцd” [Bärsärkagang] (2016)
  • Dan Deagh Wealcan “Neednothing” [Fragmented Consciousness] (2016)
  • Cypecore “The Void” [Identity] (2016)
  • Surgical Meth Machine “Smash and Grab” [Surgical Meth Machine] (2016)

Razor Blade Dance Floor Podcast: Episode 172

I’m just absolutely pounding these episodes out now, with a renewed sense of vigor and enthusiasm for music promotion. This has everything to do with the endless assault of artists churning out interesting variants of industrial rock and metal.

It also has everything to do with YOU, the listener that craves this form of music and everything that goes in to making this one of the best forms of music ever created

The production of future episodes is going to slow down after this one. I am just trying to take advantage of the free time that I have been afforded. Have no fear: the show will continue to thrive for the foreseeable future.

Playlist for Razor Blade Dance Floor episode 172:

  • Generation Empty “God Ticket” [The Art Of Dehumanization] (2016)
  • Nightmare Noise Machine “Cold Blooded Bitch” [Programmed to Destroy] (2016)
  • Ten-4 “Defining Moments” [A Me(N)Tal Note] (2016)
  • Khost & Godflesh “Inversion” [Needles Into The Ground] (2016)
  • Julien-K “Framework” [California Noir, Chapter Two: Nightlife In Neon] (2016)
  • September Mourning “Heart Can Hold” [Volume II] (2016)
  • Cane Hill “Cream Pie” [Smile] (2016)
  • Mr. Morgue “Gremlins [Necromutilomaniac] (2016)
  • Skumlove “Disease” [Sinister Minister] (2016)
  • Onslaught Six “Down In Flames” [Down In Flames] (2016)
  • Combichrist “Pay to Play” [This Is Where Death Begins] (2016)
  • Neurotech “Divided Bliss” [In Remission] (2016)
  • UnRaveling “Fading Like Everyone” [Fading Like Everyone] (2016)
  • Machines of Living Death “Chromosexuality” [The DOS of War] (2016)
  • Victor Love “Irrationality” [Technomancy] (2016)
  • Skold “Chasing Demons” [The Undoing] (2016)
  • Nailbomb “Blind and Lost” [Point Blank] (1994)

Razor Blade Dance Floor Podcast: Episode 171

Firing off yet another episode of this crazy Internet-only radio show. I have to admit, I really feel like I am getting back in the saddle quite nicely, and I’m having a ton of fun in the process.

All I can say is, my life is full of twists and unexpected turns, so you better enjoy these shows while they last. They could come to a grinding halt at any given moment.

Here is the set list for this episode:

  • Alchemy “Not Participating” [My Happy Place] (2016)
  • Johnny Deathshadow “Kill the Lights” [Bleed with Me] (2016)
  • Eternal Halloween “Eternal Halloween” [Eternal Halloween] (2016)
  • Killer Klowns “Down In The Park” [Klowns Will Eat Me] (2016)
  • Numa Echos “Insanity” [Shady World] (2016)
  • Sybernetyks “Downstream” [Dream Machine] (2016)
  • The Silverblack “Chimera” [The Silverblack] (2016)
  • Nanochrist “Hallowed Be” [Freedom Through Extinction] (2016)
  • Army of the Universe “The Aftershow” [1999 & The Aftershow] (2016)
  • Gabriel and the Apocalypse “Beauty Under Glass” [The Ghost Parade] (2016)
  • Lennon Midnight “Unholy” [Fallacies & Other Disappointments] (2016)
  • Rave the Reqviem “Synchronized Stigma” [The Gospel of Nil] (2016)
  • Seek Irony “Skin 2 Skin” [Tech N’ Roll] (2016)
  • Cancerface “Disease” [Electronic Saviors IV: Retaliation (Disc 3)] (2016)
  • Panic Lift “Of Shadows and Trees” [Skeleton Key] (2016)
  • Pain “Call Me” [Coming Home] (2016)

Razor Blade Dance Floor Podcast: Episode 170

Digging back through the releases that came out during calendar year 2016, Razor Blade Dance Floor brings you 16 more artists that you should hear right now.

Yet another no frills, information driven episode to help you expand your music collection and create awareness of this wonderful music form that we all love so much.

Take a moment to explore the music presented within this episode, and then go out and support the artist through whatever means that you have at your disposal.

Set list for this episode:

  • K-X-P “To Believe” [III, Part 2] (2016)
  • Psycholies “Electricity” [Inner Labyrinth] (2016)
  • La Magra “Riding Corpses” [Fairytales from the Graves] (2016)
  • Puscifer “Galileo (Lead into Gold Mix)” [Money Shot You’re Re-Load] (2016)
  • Lecks Inc. “Don’t Call Me Babydoll” [A.I.D.S. (All Infamous Daddy Secrets)] (2016)
  • Stuka 696 “We Will Fuck You Up” [Disorder] (2016) Ash Aria “Emanate” [_ash Aria_] (2016)
  • Revillusion “New Extinction (Featuring Christopher Hall)” [New Extinction] (2016)
  • Invocation Array “Nigredo” [Onyx Philomela] (2016)
  • Sidilarsen “Dancefloor Bastvrds” [Dancefloor Bastvrds] (2016)
  • Charcoalcity “You Can’t Take My Soul” [Greyscale] (2016)
  • Darkc3ll “Stitch Your Heart” [Haunted Reality] (2016)
  • Death Valley High “Ick Switch” [Cvlt (As Fvk)] (2016)
  • Heldmaschine “Sexschuss” [Himmelskörper] (2016)
  • True Deceiver “Tiny Black Drone (Rockets Aimed True)” [Particles] (2016)
  • Unheilig “Egoist” [Von Mensch zu Mensch] (2016)