Razor Blade Dance Floor Podcast: Episode 080

Archive release of episode 80 of Razor Blade Dance Floor.

Originally published on December 28, 2008

Original show notes from this episode:

Here it is.  The episode that wraps up the year 2008.  I’m not going to be posting a track list in the show notes because it would demystify the idea of a countdown episode.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the top 25 albums as chosen by you, the listeners of the heaviest industrial podcast on the internet, Razor Blade Dance Floor.

  • Rabbit Junk – “The Struggle” [This Life Is Where You Get Fucked]
  • Rabbit Junk vs. Cyanotic “I Vote Bolshevik Lite (Glitch Mode Mix)” [Gears Gone Wild]
  • Battery Cage “Getting Darker” [Forever Never Ends]
  • Compact Deity “The Desolation” [Trancemantra]
  • Left Spine Down “Fighting For Voltage” [Fighting For Voltage]
  • Celldweller “Birthright (Beta 1.0 Version)” [Soundtrack for the Voices Inside My Head, Volume 1]
  • Cyanotic “The Static Screen” [Prehab 25-mg EP]
  • KMFDM “Brute (Punch Mix)” [Extra: Volume III]
  • Erase The Virus “Worthless” [Songs In the Key of Filth]
  • KMFDM “Help Us/Save Us/Take Us Away” [Extra: Volume II]
  • Everything Goes Cold “I’ve Sold Your Organs on the Black Market
  • KMFDM “Money (Death Before Taxes Mix)” [Extra: Volume I]
  • Dexy Corp_ -“Anhedonie” [Fragmentation]
  • Hanzel und Gretyl “Loud und Proud” [2012: Zwanzig Zwölf]
  • KMFDM “Looking For Strange” [Tohuvabohu]
  • ohGr “Shhh” [Devils In My Details]
  • Ministry “Bang a Gong” [Cover Up]
  • Mindless Self Indulgence “Mastermind” [If]
  • MDM “Silence and Pressure” [Modern Digital Militia]
  • Post Death Soundtrack “Euchreist” [Music As Weaponry]
  • Nine Inch Nails “Track 35” [Ghosts IV]
  • Circus of Dead Squirrels “Prizefighter” [The Pop Culture Massacre and the End of the World]
  • Nine Inch Nails “1,000,000” [The Slip]
  • Skumlove “Dysfunctional Doll” [Songs of Lust and Corrosion]
  • Ventana “Coming Apart” [American Survival Guide, Volume 1]

Razor Blade Dance Floor Podcast: Episode 079

Archive release of episode 79 of Razor Blade Dance Floor.

Originally published on December 21, 2008

Original show notes from this episode:

Merry Gothmas!  Yes, it’s that time again!  Time for the Second Annual Gothmas episode.  Every year at this time, I put  industrial rock on the backburner and open up my inner goth to present the tracks that mean the most to me in this dark, wintery, seasonal time.

If you don’t like goth, then screw you and skip this episode.  If you do, sit back, relax and join me in my misery…

On this episode you will hear:

  • Das Scheit – Snow White Hell [So Far From God…So Close To You]
  • Neon Dream – Sexaholica [Metropolitan West]
  • The Beauty of Gemina – The Lonesome Death of a Goth DJ [A Stranger To Tears]
  • Compact Deity – Scoundrels [Trancemantra]
  • Bauhaus – Adrenalin [Go Away White]
  • Bella Morte – Eternal [Beautiful Death]
  • Star Industry – Enjoy The Silence [Last Crusades]
  • Artifact – New Messiah [The Only Salvation]
  • Garden of Delight – Omen [Lutherian II]
  • Clan of Xymox – Heroes (Pop Version) [Heroes EP]
  • Miserylab – Everything Falls Apart [A Death That We Can Cure]
  • The Mission – Tower of Strength [Children]
  • Type O Negative – September Sun [Dead Again]
  • Warrel Dane – Lucretia My Reflection [Praises to the War Machines]

Razor Blade Dance Floor Podcast: Episode 074

Archive release of episode 74 of Razor Blade Dance Floor.

Originally published on November 9, 2008

Set list for this episode:

Artist Song Album
Filter The Take (Rumsfeld Torture Party Mix) Remixes of the Damned
Eisbrecher This Is Deutsch Sünde
Treibhaus Reich Mir Deine Hand Alarmstufe Rot
V:28 One Last Breath V:28-Total Reconstruction
Embrioma 29 29 (Single)
Bella Morte Can’t Let This Die Beautiful Death
Das Scheit So Far From God So Far From God…So Close To You
Artifact Revolution The Only Salvation
Compact Deity Silver Trancemantra
Terrence Zdunich, Alexa Vega, Paris Hilton Zydrate Anatomy Repo: The Genetic Opera Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Compilation)
Revolting Cocks Wizard of Sextown Saw V: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Compilation)
Out Out S.Y.O. You Are Here, Volume 1: A Compilation of Massachuesets Electronic Artists
MDM Theocracy Modern Digital Militia
Sybreed Orbital Antares
Static-X Bled For Days Wisconsin Death Trip
Freak XXI Excess Recycle

Razor Blade Dance Floor Podcast: Episode 068

Archive release of episode 68 of Razor Blade Dance Floor.

Originally published on September 1, 2008

Set list for this episode:

Artist Song Album
Out Out Tear Me Down Voiceprint
Insane Autsch 20:05
Carnivora Morticia Perverted Dreamrealization
Misery Loves Co. This Is No Dream Misery Loves Co.
Dogpile Poundcake Black Fag
Everything Goes Cold I Will Harness The Power of Darkness To Destroy You Prepare To Be Refrigerated
Oomph! Wach Auf (Transporterraum Mix) Wach Auf (Single)
Promonium Jesters The Terrorist In My Bed Your Face
Flesh Field Voice of Dissent Strain
The Electric Hellfire Club When Violence Is Golden Burn, Baby, Burn
Ninetwelve Cut Your Throat Cut Your Throat (Single)
Battery Cage All Because Of You A Young Person’s Guide To Heartbreak
Pitbull Daycare Slam Unclean
Compact Deity Unjust Trancemantra

Razor Blade Dance Floor Podcast: Episode 053

Archive release of episode 53 of Razor Blade Dance Floor.

Originally published on April 27, 2008

Set list for this episode:

Artist Song Album
Ministry Burning Inside (12″ Mix) Ministry Box
XPQ-21 Jesus Was Gay Fuck The Mainstream (Compilation)
Denoument Breaking Point (v1.0) Retribution
Carbon 12 Anti-Matters Very Harsh Frequencies
Glitch Emptiness In Me Glitch
Compact Deity Sanctum Sanctorum Trancemantra
Crud All Used Up Devil At The Wheel
Jesus On Extasy The Last Day of My Life Beloved Enemy
Victory Pill Downfall Victory Pill
Lard Generation Execute Industrial Legacy, Volume 2 (Compilation)
Hardwire Soldier Keyboard Cowboy
Hazmat Nothing Comes True 4 Point Perspective
Symbiotic Disintegrated (Hazmat Remix) Divide
UCNX Absolute Zero (0.0 Mix By Cyanotic) Absolute Zero