Razor Blade Dance Floor Podcast: Episode 107

Archive release of episode 107 of Razor Blade Dance Floor.

Originally published on August 16, 2009

Original show notes from this episode:

Adrenaline. Speed. Aggression. Power. Fun.

These are the words that I am going to use to describe this epsiode. It is an unstoppable industrial rock force to be reckoned with, causing mayhem and destruction wherever it goes.

2 hours of straight up fist-pumping, dancefloor rocking good times that I’m sure fans of this genre will certainly appreciate.

Here is the glorious set list that I force upon your unsuspecting ears:

  • Jabberwock – Faster [Sweet Limbo] (2008)
  • Ministry – Warp City (Alternate Mix) [Rantology] (2005)
  • The S1nd1cate – Sadistic Statistic [Reloaded] (2008)
  • Streak – Slightly Murdered [Break Away] (2008)
  • Numb – Right… [Death On The Installment Plan] (1993)
  • Curve – I Feel Love [Ruby Trax] (1992)
  • Slave Unit – Mold [The Battle For Last Place] (2007)
  • Testify – Lethal Viper [Mmmyaoooo] (1996)
  • Circus of Dead Squirrels – President Pinnochio [The Pop Culture Massacre and the End of the World Sing-Along Songbook] (2007)
  • A Dark Halo – Beyond Recall [Catalyst] (2006)
  • Descension Rate – Fate’s Pawn [Deadly Elegance] (2007)
  • Dessau – Cull [Dessau] (1995)
  • Dexy Corp – Beeat Me [Fragmentation] (2008)
  • Dope Stars Inc. – Self Destructive Corp. [Neuromance] (2005)
  • Eisbrecher – Die Durch Die Hölle Gehen [Sünde] (2008)
  • Everything Goes Cold – Abort (Xp8 Mix) [Cyanotic Presents: Gears Gone Wild] (2008)
  • Hardwire – Flesh [Keyboard Cowboy] (2004)
  • Jailbird – Mach. Syst. Ctrl. […Inside Nonsense] (2002)
  • Lard – Sylvestre Matuschka [The Last temptation of Reid] (1990)
  • Left Spine Down – Reset (16 Volt Mix) [Voltage 2.3: Remixed and Revisited] (2009)
  • Sindaddy – Good Girl [Dirty] (2001)
  • 16 Volt – The Defect People [FullBlackHabit] (2007)
  • Ambassador21 – Megeneration [Fuck All Systems] (2007)
  • Crud – Meat Detonation [Devil At The Wheel] (2005)
  • Machines of Loving Grace – Acceleration [Concentration] (1993)
  • Mindless Self Indulgence – Shut Me Up (1200 XL Mix by VNV Nation) [Shut Me Up: The Remixes] (2006)

Big set list. Work out to it. Drive fast to it. Piss off your neighbors with it. Do whatever you want with this episode. Be sure to send me your stories about how this podcast affected those you forced it upon.




Razor Blade Dance Floor Podcast: Episode 058

Archive release of episode 58 of Razor Blade Dance Floor.

Originally published on May 25, 2008

Set list for this episode:

VTG I Lie Pretty Love Is Letting Go
Unheilig Kleine Puppe Puppenspiel
Replica Residual Burnoff Disconnect
Halo In Reverse I Machine Halo In Reverse
Halo In Reverse Whittled To an Edge Halo In Reverse
Moshpit Teenage Anthem Follow The Loser
Prime Sinister Last Dance United In Violence
Obszön Geschöpf Sinister Bleeding Tomb of the Dead
Dexy Corp_ Homo Syntheticus Noxious Art Will Never Die!!!
Treponem Pal Nowhere Land Excess & Overdrive
Jailbird End Connection …Inside Nonsense
Punish Yourself Rock ‘n’ Roll Machine Sexplosive Locomotive
Angels on Acid The Vile Eyes Behind The Curtain

Razor Blade Dance Floor Podcast: Episode 049

Archive release of episode 49 of Razor Blade Dance Floor.

Originally published on March 9, 2008

Set list for this episode:

Artist Song Album
Inertia The Seduction Decade of Machines
The Sect Killing Only Me Mourn For The Living
Filter American Cliché The Amalgamut
Rammstein Der Meister Herzeleid
Emigrate Blood Emigrate
Jailbird Majestic Sacrifice …Inside Nonsense
Steril Far Away Realism
S.O.K. Face of the Fist S.O.K. EP
KMFDM Not In My Name (Check Yourself Mix by 16volt) Brimborium
Panzer AG When I Am You This Is My Battlefield
Krell Ill Fuck ‘Em All, Volume 1 (Compilation)
Alien Produkt Acceso Denegado (Vigilante Mix) Endzeit Bunkertracks Act IV (Compilation)
Andrako Slaughterhouse Lava Distorted Generation
Whirligig Dead and Gone There Is No Time (Compilation)
Ministry Whip and Chain The Dark Side of the Spoon

Razor Blade Dance Floor Podcast: Episode 015

Archive release of episode 15 of Razor Blade Dance Floor.

Originally published on March 11, 2007

Set list for this episode:

Artist Song Album
Pedigree Heart In Your Hand Growing Apart
Descension Rate Yours Truly Deadly Elegance
Morpheus Sister Wreck Morpheus Sister
Lennon Brake of Your Car 5:30 Saturday Morning
Celldweller The Last Firstborn Celldweller
Treponem Pal Pushing You Too Far Excess and Overdrive
Godflesh Mothra Pure
Jailbird N.W.O. …Inside nonsense
Second Skin No. 1 Fan Suture
Slick idiot Get Down Give In (Remix by Clawfinger) RedDickUlous
Project Pitchfork 2069 A.D. Chakra:Red!
Nine Inch Nails Survivalism Year Zero