Razor Blade Dance Floor Podcast: Episode 155

Archive release of episode 155 of Razor Blade Dance Floor.

Originally published on January 27, 2012

Original show notes from this episode:

I’m guessing that since I can not reasonably predict my work schedule, the podcast will continue to be bi-weekly until I can get a grasp on the demands of my day job. Since I haven’t been able to conclusively manage my free time (what little there is of it) you will be receiving this podcast essentially whenever the hell I have time to do it. Which is frustrating because if I had my way, I would make one every day!

So now that I have vented, here is what to expect on this episode of Razor Blade Dance Floor:

  • Nasag – Orchestvore [Sect] (2011)
  • Neurotech – Inject Me Now [Antagonist] (2011)
  • Helltrash – Gimme Suicide [Bossfight] (2010)
  • Substance Black – Voidwalker [Skulptura EP] (2011)
  • Xternals – I.A.D. [Fistful of Infinity] (2011)
  • I, Parasite – The Heavy Hand (Rough Mix) [Assorted Debris II: 2002-2007] (2011)
  • Cruentus – Dead End [Terminal Code] (2010)
  • The Luna Sequence – Heartless Angel Persona] (2011)
  • Nitzer Ebb – To The Hilt (Die Krupps Cover) [Join In The Rhythm of Machines EP] (2011)
  • Killing Joke – European Super State (Justin Broadrick Mix) [European Super State CDS] (2011)
  • Testify – Seed of Wrath (Die Warzau Silence as a Weapon Mix) [Hellfire: A Van Richter Records Sampler] (2010)
  • Blind Side – Мой Хаос Мой Бог [Кроатоан] (2011)
  • Logical Terror – Gender 3000 [Almost Human] (2011)
  • Weena Morloch – Kaputt! [Amok] (2011)
  • UCNX – Preset (Featuring Blayne from Idiot Stare) [Generation Damaged] (2011)
  • Preschool Tea Party Massacre – Stuff That Fetus Full of Lead [Anne Frank’s Vagina] (2011)

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Razor Blade Dance Floor Podcast: Episode 093, Part 2

Archive release of episode 93, Part 2 of Razor Blade Dance Floor.

Originally published on April 26, 2009

Original show notes from this episode:

This is the second part of Razor Blade Dance Floor episode #93, where you will see somewhat of a departure from the industrial rock & metal norm that is typical of one of these shows. This is necessary because the Dark Scene in the ex-Yugoslavian area is so much more than just industrial, that other music such as alternative rock, punk, goth and metal had to be included.

Please take the time to listen to this because not only is it informative and entertaining, but it is important to expand your listening palette to include other genres as well as other cultures throughout the world.

Here is what you will hear on Part 2:

  •  Youth A.D. – Mushroom Cloud (MH : Kultura, 2008)
  • dreDDup – One of Us (El Conquistadors, 2009)
  • Block Out – Dan koji nikad nije dosao (Ako imas s’ kim i gde, 2004)
  • Kaoz – Try Me Punk (Kaoz, 2002)
  • Neurotech – Subsonic Omega (Transhuman EP, 2008)
  • Luna – Amazon (Nestvarne Stvari, 1984)
  • Fancy Frogs – Pilot 272 (Tones of Love and Hope, 2003)
  • Trivalija – Family Gun (Body Collection, 1992)
  • Arzamas 16 – 001001 (Dark:Scene Vol.3 , 2008)
  • Sat Stoicizmo – Nehaj (Mah 2, 1985)
  • Syphil – Kanibal (Black Sun Lillies, 2008)
  • MRT – Umproportioned (Love After Eath, 2008)
  • F.o.F. – Night is Important (Not one of Them, 2006)
  • Autopsia – His Secret Sin (The Knife, 1989)
  • Zexon 5 – Don’t Say It’s Real (demo, 2005)
  • Analizator – Dovla (demo, 2009)
  • Fear of Dog – Nasa picka zajednicka (demo, 1990)
  • 3D Rosava Pipe – Kola (Podrum demo, 2002)
  • Prolece – Stefan Milenkovic (Prolece, 2007)
  • Buka za decu – Filip telefonira (Bukvar Massacre, 1992)
  • Osmi Putnik II – Brzina (Drugi, ??? )
  • Very Expensive Porno Movie – Vaginal (Fist Fuck Fever. ???)
  • SMF – Maratonci (demo, 1991)
  • MFT – Sick Boy (demo, 1991)
  • Patareni – Debilana (Split with Anal Cunt, 1990)
  • No Abuse – Grind Coruption (Jebeni napredak, 2000)
  • Satan Panonski – Kliktaj (Ljuljajmo Ljubljeni Ljubicasti Ljulj, 1989)
  • Disciplin A Kitschme – Behind Nine Hills (I Think I see Myself on CCTV, 1996)
  • Pure – New Life (1993)
  • Pornhouse – Reject (Znnoy , 2008)
  • Miladojka Youneed – Bloodylon (Bloodylon, 1990)
  • Paraf – Javna kupatila (Izleti, 1981)

The information and bands represented on this podcast certainly don’t cover the entire Dark Scene, so it is encouraged that you use this show as a starting point to discovering a great music scene.  Here are a few links to get you started on exploring the scene while you are listening to the show:








As always, support the artists as well as this scene. You will hear how One and Plutonium Product talk about a scene without geographical and political borders, and this is a concept that is in direct line with the philosophies of Razor Blade Dance Floor. It doesn’t matter which part of the world you live in.  You are a part of the industrial community, and no border should stop you from making each other stronger by supporting the artists and their creations.

This is a great collection of music. If you haven’t enjoyed part one of the podcast, please listen to that one first because it sets the stage for part two.

Razor Blade Dance Floor Podcast: Episode 172

I’m just absolutely pounding these episodes out now, with a renewed sense of vigor and enthusiasm for music promotion. This has everything to do with the endless assault of artists churning out interesting variants of industrial rock and metal.

It also has everything to do with YOU, the listener that craves this form of music and everything that goes in to making this one of the best forms of music ever created

The production of future episodes is going to slow down after this one. I am just trying to take advantage of the free time that I have been afforded. Have no fear: the show will continue to thrive for the foreseeable future.

Playlist for Razor Blade Dance Floor episode 172:

  • Generation Empty “God Ticket” [The Art Of Dehumanization] (2016)
  • Nightmare Noise Machine “Cold Blooded Bitch” [Programmed to Destroy] (2016)
  • Ten-4 “Defining Moments” [A Me(N)Tal Note] (2016)
  • Khost & Godflesh “Inversion” [Needles Into The Ground] (2016)
  • Julien-K “Framework” [California Noir, Chapter Two: Nightlife In Neon] (2016)
  • September Mourning “Heart Can Hold” [Volume II] (2016)
  • Cane Hill “Cream Pie” [Smile] (2016)
  • Mr. Morgue “Gremlins [Necromutilomaniac] (2016)
  • Skumlove “Disease” [Sinister Minister] (2016)
  • Onslaught Six “Down In Flames” [Down In Flames] (2016)
  • Combichrist “Pay to Play” [This Is Where Death Begins] (2016)
  • Neurotech “Divided Bliss” [In Remission] (2016)
  • UnRaveling “Fading Like Everyone” [Fading Like Everyone] (2016)
  • Machines of Living Death “Chromosexuality” [The DOS of War] (2016)
  • Victor Love “Irrationality” [Technomancy] (2016)
  • Skold “Chasing Demons” [The Undoing] (2016)
  • Nailbomb “Blind and Lost” [Point Blank] (1994)