Razor Blade Dance Floor Podcast: Episode 168


It’s back! The podcast that refused to die. Lot’s of cobwebs to clear off, rust to shake free and dust to brush off. The show has been gone for nearly 3 years now, and it has returned to rear its ugly little head!

Here is what is played on this weeks (months?) show:

Bak XIII – Death is the New Hype [Aut Caeser Aut Nihil] (2016)
Mortiis – The Ugly Truth [The Great Deceiver] (2016)
Schaft – Leidenschaft [Ultra] (2016)
Maschinist – Willkommen [Willkommen] (2016)
Isolated Antagonist – Dark Nomad [Affirmation of Entropy] (2016)
Gloomy Hellium Bath – Fuck It [Sistema Solera] (2015)
Pop. 1280 – USS ISS [Paradise] (2016)
Be My Enemy – To Protect and Serve [The Enemy Within] (2014)
Rabbit Junk – From the Ashes [Glitchmode Presents: Merry Glitchmas] (2013)
Cyanotic – The Signs of Struggle [Worst Case Scenario Volumes 1 + 2] (2015)
Deathproof – Bloodrush [Set To Smash] (2015)
Black December – All You Want [Volume 1] (2015)
mindFluxFuneral – Drive By Anarchist [A Quiet State] (2014)
Microwaved – Dirty Politics [Jesse] (2014)
Hell-O-Matic – Maggots [Hell-O-Matic] (2015)
Cocksure – Porno Drones [Corporate Sting] (2015)

Its great to be back. Thank you all for your unwavering support and the endless encouragement that you have provided to get this show back online. Its only because of you that this is happening. Thank you!